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woman discussing symtoms with a doctor over video conference

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24/7 Access to Quality Healthcare

Talk to a doctor within minutes when you NEED it most using your computer, tablet or phone and no co-pays or deductibles.

Membership Package Includes


Consult with a U.S.-based, licensed physician without any co-pay within 90 minutes or less. No denial based on pre-existing conditions.

Online Physicians

Easily correspond with medical professionals online after creating a personal medical profile. Responses can be expected in as little as 24 hours.

Nurse Hotline

Contact a registered nurse anytime over the phone to discuss symptoms as well as get medical guidance and a recommended course of action.

Oral Health Care

Take advantage of a secure online health tool that helps to identify oral health risks, create care records and set up dental visit reminders for the family.

Health Information Library

Gain access to information on 1,000 health related topics that have been reviewed by medical authorities. Available by phone with additional resources online.

Online Fitness & Nutrition

Be part of our program focused on dispelling myths, increasing knowledge and empowering anyone to go beyond their diet and be in better control of their health.

Online Health Assessments

Better evaluate all aspects of health, from everyday eating habits to cancer risks with over 40 lifestyle, behavioral health and disease-specific assessments.